• Who Am I?

    Just a guy with a debilitating case of curiosity.


    I was born a curious child, always up in my grandparent’s attic or in the cedar chests and hall closets, taking down photos and mementos that had been hidden away long before I was born. I would go to my grandparents with these objects and ask for the stories behind them.


    And now, here we are.


    Born and raised in Santa Ana, California.




    I study people in history.


    Histories that turn the narrative on its head. Taking the perception of what we think we know of an event or a people and uncovering those stories that disrupt and cause the need to revisit what we think we know. This is the search for the best and truest version of history.


    I am a historian, archivist, conservator, preservationist and follower of the cult of Studs Terkel.


    My works include Images of America: Victorville for Arcadia Publishing (2012)


  • "That is only true living which is ever learning, ever reaching upward and stretching forward".

    - James Russell Miller 1893


    How I Keep Busy

    Historic and Cultural Preservation

    Historic Asset Research Services- formerly Almendreal Historical Research

    2018- Present

    Almendral Research and Preservation Services has been contracted by Floral Park Neighborhood Association to perform research and reporting services to put forth the application for Floral Park to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places as Floral Park Historic District. The neighborhood is comprised of over 650 historic homes and structures, and would be the third historic district within the city to be placed on the NRHP.

    Santa Ana Public Library

    Archivist and Historian

    Apr 2017 – May 2020

    Overseeing the historical and special collections of the City of Santa Ana.

    Freelance Collections Manager

    History Ltd.

    February 2017 – June 2019

    Oversees the collection in excess of 3,000 objects with an estimated value of 5.5 million dollars. The collection subject material consists of military antiques and weaponry. I render services such as artifact assessment, conservation, maintenance, cleaning and organization.

    Director / Curator of Collections

    American Legacy Museum

    2013- Present

    ALM is an Americana Museum with its collections ranging from 1900-1985 with its main focus being 1917-1955 as far as cultural emphasis. The collection consists of screen-worn costume, personal clothing, and ephemera from notable persons of that era as well as military antiques and ephemera from WWI to Vietnam. I oversee all collections, and operations.

  • Projects

    My Ongoing Research Projects

    Floral Park National Historic District

    Creating a new National Historic Historic District in Santa Ana, California.

    This project centers around the 650+ historic properties that make up Floral Park in North Santa Ana and the nomination for those properties to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Working Title

    The 3+ year project uncovering the story of a Tuskegee Airman who didn't come home and his family.

    Working Title

    The story of a Nissei soldier of WWII who has never come home and whose remains have never been recovered.

  • My Research

    What I am doing and where I am going.

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  • Curriculum Vitae

    My history of experience

  • Research For Hire

    Collections Consultations- Historic and Cultural Preservation - Research and Development
    Historic Asset Research Services 
    Interested in the story of your historic real estate? We can define your place narrative. What is the story of your historic home? More at http://www.historicassets.com

    My areas of experience include:


    • Collections Care and Consultation with specialty in textile and military uniform collections. 
    • Historical research and project development and management.
    • Historic and cultural preservation.
    • Military history research, (US, WWI-Vietnam)
    • Genealogy.
    • Place Research and Narrative; for those with historic homes and structures


    Do you own history? Do you want to know more about it or take care proper care of it for the future? I am at your service.


    Referred Appraisal Services Available

    Do you have a research question?

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